Boat Buying Pre-Quote Checklist

Bob Clark
Bob Clark
Contracts Manager

Help us understand your needs

MetalCraft custom-builds every boat to customer's specifications.

Please carefully consider the following areas to help us understand your needs:

  1. Budget
  2. Size of vessel (length, beam and draft)
  3. What type of work the vessel will be used for
  4. Type of cabin or pilot house (open or closed, full or partial)
  5. Auxiliary systems (heat, air conditioning, generator, etc)
  6. Propulsion (desired speed/power of vessel)
  7. Navigation and electronics
  8. Electrical system (voltage)
  9. Options (deck coverings, stowage, plumbing)
  10. Number of passengers, crew, and equipment onboard at any given time
  11. Potential contract date.

We need to elaborate on all the above, as a minimum, before proceeding with a quote.

Thank you for thinking of MetalCraft Marine Inc.