High-Speed Fire and Rescue Boats

On May 3, 2019, a Miami Air Boeing 737-800 with 143 people aboard, overshot the runway on landing. Jackson Fire Rescue responds quickly; 143 survivors, 21 injured, zero fatalities.

On May 3, 2019, a Miami Air Boeing 737-800 with 143 people aboard, overshot the runway on landing. Jackson Fire Rescue responds quickly; 143 survivors, 21 injured, zero fatalities.

Stanley 20-22 Fire-Rescue

Stanley 20-22 Fire-Rescue
Standard Configuration
Starting Price: $69,900
Max speed31 knots fully loaded
PumpsOptional 200-550 GPM
EnginesYamaha F150 hp 4 stroke
IncludesT top, center console, dive door, outboard bracket, 150 HP outboard, with controls & hydraulic steering, GPS, VHF radio, bow ramp, treadplate deck, ¼ inch marine grade aluminum hull, outboard guard, full windshield, 500 lb davit and galvanized trailer.

Stanley 24 Fire-Rescue

Stanley 24 Fire-Rescue
Standard Configuration
Max speed40 knots fully loaded
EnginesTwin 300 hp

Stanley 26 Fire-Rescue

Stanley 26 Fire-Rescue
Standard Configuration
Max speed41 MPH with single 300 HP O/BD
Engines2 X 150 – 2 X 200 HP O/BD

Fire/Rescue 28

Fire/Rescue 28
Standard Configuration
Max speed42 MPH
B.O.A.11'3" to 11'6"
Pumps1250 GPM Darley /w 4.3L Mercruiser
Flowmax flow was 1563 gpm
MonitorsElkhart Spit Fire
EnginesTwin Bombardier E-TEC Outboard 200 HP each

Fire/Rescue 29

Fire/Rescue 29
Standard Configuration
Max speed40-45 mph (loaded)
Pumps575 GPM Darley, 64 E Marinized
Flow1260 GPM from main, 1600 GPM flow from two monitors
MonitorsElkhart Copperhead
EnginesTwin Bombardier 150 HP O/Bd/s ea.

Stanley 32' Fire-Rescue aft cabin

Stanley 32 Fire-Rescue
Standard Configuration
Max speed40 knots fully loaded
EnginesTwin 350hp Yamaha 4 stroke
OptionsAft or Center Cabin

Stanley 32' Fire-Rescue for El Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica

Stanley 32 Fire-Rescue
El Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica
Max speed36 knots
Capacity1230kg (2,700lbs)
EnginesTwin 150 hp Yamaha
ElectronicsHummingbird Helix 9 Chirp MSI and GPS

We custom design and manufacture all our fire and rescue vessels to meet the specific needs of each customer. We offer landing craft and regular hulled designs.

The Stanley Fire Rescue is based on the fully proven Bullnose landing craft platform that has been in service since 1988. There are hundreds presently in service around the world operating as heavy duty landing craft workboats. The advantage of a landing craft in a fire application is obvious; landing on beach fronts, waterfront homes, hotel or condo complexes, and do not require docks.

Our conventional Fire Rescue models are all about rapid response and lower crew demands, on a versatile trailerable Fire Rescue platform. Simplicity is the key to these boats, with easy maintenance and repairability. Our Fire Rescue boats come with MetalCraft's standard 10 year hull warranty, and is fireman tough. These boats pack a huge punch for their small size, and can be safely beached or get into the smallest of marinas.

Ask a MetalCraft representative about our large list of options.

Fire systems

The Stanley Fire Rescue 26 and 32 can carry either a small portable pump or a 500 GPM up to 1000 GPM Darley pump skid and multiple monitors, hose connections and large diameter shore connections.

The Stanley Fire Rescue 32 can carry a Darley 1500 GPM pump which delivers 2000 GPM at 150 PSI using MCM’s proprietary sea chest design and piping runs.

Or the boat can carry vehicles that can deliver equipment to shore units, or lay hose and relay stage firepumps from the lake to the fire with large diameter pumping, up to 2000 GPM. Our longest known relay run was 1.75 miles at the 2019 Deer Park refinery fire in Houston.


The Stanley Fire Rescue is designed to operate like a high performance patrol boat, while serving like a pick up truck on the water. It is capable of carrying large numbers of people for mass evacuations. For example, the downed plane in the St Johns River. The Jacksonville Fire Rescue 32’ pulled right up to the wing and loaded 30 people at a time.


The design is offered with several cabin versions: Center or aft Consoles, T-Top versions, 3 sided cabins, enclosed narrow or full width cabins and walk through cabin variants. Cabins are typically mounted aft but we also offer center mounted cabins. Cabins can be built with breathable air and can accommodate a CBRN pressurized cabin air system.

Patient berths can be set up in the cabin or on the foredeck with raised lockers or hinged seat/berths.

They are useful for diving, water rescue, carrying equipment or even ATVs and can carry and support larger fireboats by carrying totes of foam additional fuel for long running fire or rescue events.

The Stanley Fire Rescue 20, 24, 26 and 32 offer several various dive and rescue arrangements, using the bow gate, and/or port and/or stbd side dive doors.

The boat is offered with multiple deadrises to achieve the performance & stability you require for your particular operating profile. We offer deadrises up to 18 degree deep V hull shapes.