Kingfisher Patrol and Work Boats

The Kingfisher/Umiak series has been in production since 1989. We've built hundreds, and most operate in very harsh environments.

Major upgrades were incorporated into the design and construction process in 1994. These improvements are very successful, and a major breakthrough in Naval Architecture.

Through this, MCM developed a much stronger and lighter hull by increasing the thickness of the plate and frame while reducing frame spacing and thickness.

The by-product of this lighter/stronger hull is significant. It requires less horsepower and fuel to drive it and has a much higher cargo capacity. It can achieve very high speeds due to reduced hull flex.

In strength of these boats is amazing. We have used the boat in 3” of ice, and it can be beached onto rocky shores or cement ramps. To better facilitate this we have incorporated a standard heavy duty grounding bar/keelson which provides significant protection for the hull and provides much greater directional stability for the craft.

The Kingfisher 28 Patrol Boat.

Kingfisher 28 Patrol
Standard Configuration
Max speed37 mph
Weight8,500 lb (light base boat)
Capacity3,000 lb
Fuel Cap.60 gallons (std)
Propulsion300 hp
Power rangeUp to 600 hp

Kingfisher 29 Standard Bow.

Kingfisher 29
Standard Configuration
Max speed50 knots
Weight3,000 lb (light base boat)
Power rangeUp to 400 hp