Kingston Marina

Kingston Marina Rules and Regulations

To allow clients, guests and visitors to enjoy their boating season, the marina has following rules and regulations.

  1. All persons using the marina facilities must conform to reasonable standards of conduct and behavior, in order for all to enjoy the facilities.

  2. The marina reserves the right to refuse any boat that is not properly insured. See Insurance Binder form.

  3. All summer contracted boaters must carry a minimum liability limit of $2,000,000 plus provide confirmation that the policy coverage includes wreck removal and pollution liability.

  4. All winter in-water boats must provide evidence that the lay up warranties have been removed.

  5. The boat owner is responsible for the actions of any person permitted to use his/her boat.

  6. Boats must be maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition.

  7. Please keep bilges clean and oil free, owners are responsible for any oil spill clean-up fees.

  8. Docks may not be obstructed by marine/dock equipment such as hoses, dinghy’s or repair equipment.

  9. Water-skiing and swimming from the docks is strictly prohibited. Boat owners are responsible to see that young children and non-swimmers wear personal floatation devices at all times when on docks.

  10. Boats either in or out of the water must keep the area around their boats clean and orderly ie: no garbage or unnecessary material etc. (A 1hr. fee will be charged to clean area).

  11. Disposal of hazardous materials ie: fuel, oil or oily bilge water must be disposed either by self removal off-site or to the marina locked waste locker (see marina staff). A fee of $10 per litre will be charged.

  12. Painting or sandblasting on-site other than roller or brush must be approved by marina and meet all regulations with no threat to neighboring boats or equipment.

  13. Garbage and recycled items can be disposed of in the blue KIMCO bins near Wellington St.

  14. In order to respect the close proximity of neighbours a 10pm noise curfew, music and loud voices must be turned to a low level so as not to bother any sleeping boaters.

  15. Any abuse of alcohol, fighting, offensive language complaints, use of illegal drugs or acts of rude conduct toward any other boater, guest or marina staff will not be tolerated. Clients acknowledge that, with this rental agreement, such behavior is grounds for the marina, at their sole discretion, to cancel docking privileges without any refund.

  16. All dogs on docks are to be leached and/or secured on boats (no animal should be able to leap from boat unsecured).

  17. Summer boat slips are rented and are not the boaters exclusive property. The marina reserves the right to sublet seasonal boat slips to transients when not in use. Any physical changes or manipulation of marina docks must be approved by management.

  18. Clients who buy year round packages and who, do not use the launch and haul out portion of the package within that year forfeit the haul/launch.

  19. Winter live-a-boards must have their winter covers/woodwork removed by May 1.

  20. Only boaters with boats at the marina are to park their cars in the park.