High Speed Aluminum Patrol Boats

MetalCraft Marine designs and manufactures high speed aluminum fireboats and patrol boats.

See photos of our exciting new Interceptor 11M on Flickr.

The Interceptor 12M high speed patrol boat.

Interceptor 12M
Standard Configuration
Max speed40-45 Knots
L.O.A.12.6M (42'4")
B.O.A.4.2M (13'-8")
Fuel Cap.400 USG
Engines2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 480HP inboard diesel Engines
Jets2 x Hamilton Jet HJ292

The Interceptor 11M high speed patrol boat.

Interceptor 11M
Standard Configuration
Max speed40-45 Knots
L.O.A.10.66M (35'0")
B.O.A.3.45M (11’4”)
Fuel Cap.1075L (284 USG)
Engines2 x 480 HP
JetsMJP 305

The Interceptor 10M patrol boat is the first model in the newest line of MetalCraft Marine high speed patrol boats.

Interceptor 10M
Standard Configuration
Max speed42 Knots
Cruise Speed38 Knots
L.O.A.32' 7 5/8"
B.O.A.11' 1"
Air Draft11' 5/16"
Capacity12 people
Fuel Cap.148-200 US Gallons
Power range400 - 700 HP

9M Interceptor FR

Interceptor 9M
Max speed45-55 Knots
L.O.A.9.4M (30'8")
B.O.A.2.3M (9'10")
Fuel Cap.950L (250 USG)
Engines2 x 300-400 HP
Cabin height6'10"
Cuddy height5'11"

The Interceptor 9M Patrol RIB, with cabin.

Interceptor 9M
Patrol RIB, with Cabin
Max speed45-55 Knots
L.O.A.9.4M (30'8")
B.O.A.2.3M (9'10")
Fuel Cap.950L (250 USG)
Engines2 x 300-400 HP

The Interceptor 9M Patrol RIB.

Interceptor 9M
Patrol RIB
Max speed45-55 Knots
Fuel Cap.1000L (264 USG)
EnginesO/B: 2 x 300-400 HP
I/B: 2 x 220-400 HP
Ballistic ProtectionPortable Level III
Gun Positions1-6

Kingston 54/60 patrol boats are fast, maneuverable, versatile, rugged and reliable vessels suited to a wide range of transport and patrol applications.

Kingston 54/60
Panama Canal 54'/60' transport-optimized rapid deployment vessel
Max speed41 Knots, 38 knots loaded
Weight44,000 lb
Weight (Loaded)57,000 lb
Capacity42 men + 3 crew
Fuel Cap.700 gal
EnginesT3x600 hp Cat Diesels
JetsHamilton 362

Canadian Coast Guard 40' SAR Cutter

Kingston 40 SAR
Canadian Coast Guard 40' SAR Cutter
Max speed33 Knots (light; 3 x 200 hp)
Cruise Speed25 Knots (light)
Weight19,000 lb
Fuel Cap.300 gallons (std)

Oak Bluffs Emergency Management Department

Kingston 36
Oak Bluffs Emergency Management Department
Max speed40 Knots
Cruise Speed35 Knots
Weight18,000 lb
Fuel Cap.300 gallons

Kingston 32 Patrol RHIB

Kingston 32 RIB
Standard Configuration
Max speed40 Knots w/full fuel and 5 crew
Draft22" Fuly loaded
Weight10,100 lb (dry)
Fuel Cap.200 US gallons
Range210 Nautical Miles
EnginesTwin Cummins 6BTA5.9 @ 355 HP
JetsHamilton 274
OtherDead Rise Aft: 24 Degrees

Kingfisher 29 Standard Bow.

Kingfisher 29
Standard Configuration
Max speed50 knots
Weight3,000 lb (light base boat)
Power rangeUp to 400 hp

The Kingfisher 28 Patrol Boat.

Kingfisher 28 Patrol
Standard Configuration
Max speed37 mph
Weight8,500 lb (light base boat)
Capacity3,000 lb
Fuel Cap.60 gallons (std)
Propulsion300 hp
Power rangeUp to 600 hp

Potomac Marine Tow Boat

Kingston 26/28 RIB
Potomac Marine Tow Boat
Max speed32 Knots @ 380 hp
Fuel Cap.120 gallons

Our Patrol Boats can be powered with outdrive(s), outboard(s), inboard(s), or inboard jet(s).

Our vessels range from 22' to 54'. Each has a 10-year hull warranty, have excellent reliability and very good handling. Our boats track well, plane easily, have great wave-handling, and tight turning-radius.

The Kingston Series hull is a monohedron with a Delta Pad lifting plane designed for convertability to either jet or propellor propulsion.

Its center tapered bottom planing flat is mandatory for clean water flow to center mounted jet intakes for prevention of cavitation. It increases flow to a twin installation and has proven unmatched for a triple jet or I/O installation.

Kingston 36 high-speed patrol boat