April 13, 2007

The Florida Times Union website has some great action photos of their new MetalCraft Marine fireboat, the Jake M Godbold. Click to go to their online photo album .

About this boat, Firehouse.com reports that the New Florida Fireboat Makes Splash

Jacksonville Fire Rescue's biggest, fastest and newest fireboat made a splash on the St. Johns River on Friday as it showed off what it can do.

The 1,700-horsepower, jet-propelled fireboat is named for Jacksonville's former mayor, Jake Godbold, who recently got a firsthand look at his namesake boat.


"Jake means a lot to the history of this fire department. He brought this fire department to one of the top fire departments in the nation, so the only reasonable thing to do was to honor him with his name on this boat," said Chief Larry Peterson.

The Godbold is 50 feet long, weighs more than 50,000 pounds, spouts out more than 6,500 gallons of water a minute and is equipped with a night vision camera. "You can literally pick up anything in the water. Not to mention the bridges and everything else, but you literally can pick up a body," Peterson said.

Read the whole thing .

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