January 8, 2008

Jack Hochadel, Vice President of Willard Marine in Anaheim, California, just sent us these amazing photographs of a 47' motor life boat, made by Textron Marine & Land Systems , going through a large crashing wave in Morro Bay, California.

Click for larger sizes.

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Quoting the photographer:

15-20 foot swells from a large storm reached Morro Bay California on December 4, 2007. A U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot Motor Life Boat was out for practice maneuvers in the large surf, which is not unusual.

However, a large wave hit that was probably more than they bargained for. At least it's the hardest I've ever seen them get hit.

The air was filled with mist, and they were quite distant, so at times were just a shadow in the mist. I've adjusted the photos for better visibility, however the quality of the photos is not the greatest due to the above conditions, and futile attempts to keep the lens dry.

This is the same boat model built by MetalCraft Marine for the Canadian Coast Guard, when we delivered seven of them in 2003. The boat is structurally designed to withstand Sea State 8 and is self-righting.

Here's a link to Textron's 47' MLB Data Sheet (PDF) .

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