March 4, 2008
Prince George MD FireStorm 36 Fireboat

The Potomac River welcomes its 4th MetalCraft vessel; National Harbor will be home of the new FireStorm 36 for PG County.

The 36 footer is outfitted with powerful Cummins 490 HP Diesels which can get them anywhere at the high-speed of 43 MPH. Hamilton's 292 Jets make precise, controlled maneuvers such as crabbing the boat along side another vessel or a dock.

The bigger platform proves to be an asset when unloading passengers quickly from a distressed vessel.

With the Darley 1750 GPM pump, PG County pumps close to 2500 GPM. Which is imperative for putting out the most extreme fires on the water or along the shore. The boat also carries medical equipment critical for saving lives.

Major Eaby and his team are excited about the new arrival. From Annapolis to Portsmouth, VA the Chesapeake Bay has six other MetalCraft Marine vessels ready to assist their neighboring counties and the Nation's Capitol in emergency situations.

Six years ago MetalCraft produced the first FireStorm and has not looked back. Each boat is adapted to unique conditions required by our customers. We have been designing and building boats, both power and sail, since 1978 and stand behind our 10-year hull warrenty.

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