December 20, 2017
Merry Christmas 2017 from MetalCraft Marine!

Merry Christmas 2017 from MetalCraft Marine!

'Twas the week before Christmas, and time for some cheer
As Chris T. kept reminding It's poem time of year! The shops were all quiet, the welders shut down
With hopes that the squirrels would not come around

The boats were all winterized, and the crane in its shed
As visions of new boats danced in Bob's head
The office was vacant, the server stopped squeaking
Even the dry dock door had stopped leaking

Then out in the harbor there was such a boom! Blue Herons spirit, had lingered and loomed
Had it really left, was it truly delivered? The thought of it not - did invoke such a shiver.

With eyes peering over, in the general direction
It was clear to be seen upon closer inspection
The sound had not come from a vessel at all
But from echoes of Eric cursing T.C. in the fall

We couldn't believe, when it was finally gone
We knew in a moment - it must have been Ron
Off in the night, he took it to stay! Get that damn bridge up, I'm leaving today!

Looking back at the year, the projects flew out
With nary a whisper, scream, yell, or shout
New boats now designed, seen never before
And with truckloads of parts hitting the floor

And all of this happened through a seamless transition
With everyone focussed on one simple mission
Streamline production, get more orders to fill
It's quite simple to structure, according to Bill

He came down from the North, to give us direction
And we have absorbed it - it's like an infection
Saving time here, and materials there
Each and every one of us doing our share

The work isn't easy, and we have to do more
But it is safe to say we've improved the score
The numbers don't lie, it's going our direction
One of these days we will hit perfection

Our customers rave about great satisfaction
And new clients too, give a great reaction
The quality of work has slashed warranty claims
Every new boat we send, puts our competitors to shame.

Now as you relax in this holiday season
Remember we are all here, for the same reason
And here we all know, what it means to be proud
For the stuff that we build is the best stuff around

Along with the fun, there is always frustration
And for this sometimes, we get compensation
Sometimes it's a boat ride, sometimes it's a meal
We enjoy these together as part of the deal

But most important of all, we all plainly see
The biggest thing here is comradery
The people we work with is where we excel
The smiles on the faces, it's not hard to tell

So as the clock ticks, and the week draws to an end
Think back on this year, and the time you did spend
The tunnel is long, but at the end is a light
Merry Christmas to all, you put up a great fight.

Bruce Robertson, QA Manager/Project Manager

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