December 22, 2017

MetalCraft Marine's new 9m Interceptor is prominently featured in the November 2017 issue of Marine News.

MetalCraft’s Interceptor Line of Patrol Craft

MetalCraft has introduced a completely new design in patrol craft. The name of the new line, The Interceptor, was based on the original boat’s nomenclature and how the design came to be, The Long Range Interceptor II. MetalCraft has a long history designing RIBs for patrol and SAR missions, dating back to 1984, where they developed the first SOLAS self righting RIB with a foam collar. The design of the Kingston hull shape dated 1987 became the basic hull shape of the MetalCraft RIB program. It was chosen by the U.S. Navy as Force Protection Medium after the Cole incident and MetalCraft sent 24 C-130 certified KPR-28’s and 32’s over to the Middle East for Force Protection. As RIB development changed from the former design philosophy of the collar sitting in saltwater degrading but required for vessel stability to the new age of collar design being used for fendering and flotation but not vessel stability, MetalCraft was already there. The hull design is a blend of variable deadrise (warped hull) and monohedron. MetalCraft consulted with the famous Donald Blount and Associates on the radical features of the design. The boat has been tested to 60+ knots. The aft deadrise of 22 degrees is surprising as she handles large seas at speed better than a normal 24 or 25 degree deadrise hull. But the shallower deadrise makes the boat a very competent Riverine/Offshore blended design.

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